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Located in Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province, Royal Law is a law firm that focuses on providing high-quality legal services on legal counsel work for companies. Since 2003, our lawyers have been providing legal consultancy services for all types of enterprises, including trading companies, production and manufacturing companies, foreign representative offices, as well as non-resident foreign enterprises in China. The firm has been able to accumulate a wealth of experience with regards to the legal side of business operations and special industrial legal affairs in China. Due to our ability to work in English, Rroyal  Law is also able to offer a high level of bilingual legal services to foreign clients. Please refer to our website
The principles of diligence and exceptional work are encouraged and upheld by the lawyers in our firm. Royal Law believes that the first priority of a lawyer is the ability to work hard with diligence on behalf of the client. With each and every client, we firmly focus on  analyzing the circumstances and facts of the case and using our expertise of the legal environment to obtain the optimal and most strategic plan to assist our clients. Royal Law affirms that honest and conscientious treatment of clients is fundamental in the way our lawyers manage cases. We believe that to cultivate long-term partners and friends between lawyers and clients, there needs to be respect as well as a highly professional delivery of work in consideration of our client.
RoyaLaw Firm's practice focuses on three major areas of legal concerns in China. The firm’s first legal focus is Employment Law. China has a major employment section/labor workforce, and Royal Law Firm takes pride in offering the best service for its clients in this ever-growing sector. Secondly, Royal Law Firm practices Intellectual Property law in an effort to protect our clients against infringement of their products and to safeguard patents to allow them to become more profitable and better connected. Finally, the firm provides a specialization in Commercial Law that aims to help clients manage purchases, quality disputes, transportation issues, and affairs or concerns regarding leasing and shareholding.

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