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The pleasure of climbing a mountain
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Recently I have fallen in love with climbing the Dananshan Mountain, starting from the big concrete road on the north side, crossing the ridge and going down to Guishan Villa. The whole journey lasts around 4 hours, from 5PM to 9PM.  It is an enjoyable and relaxing trip.


The pleasure of climbing Dananshan lies in the scenery along the trip. After the hard task of climbing up to the top platform, you then feel the cool mountain-wind and feel refreshed. You will see the familiar buildings small and short, finding different perspective results in a different feeling, just as the saying of “Confucius sees Lu nation small on top of Dong Mountain and sees the world small on top of Tai Mountain”. If the weather is nice, you can see the clouds coloured red in the sunset at the edge of the sky, in all different shapes.


The best thing is to cross the ridge, because of the beautiful scenery on both sides of the ridge, the fun of twists and turns, without difficulty in climbing up. Trees stand on both sides of the flagstone walk and you can see high-rise buildings in Shekou on the left side and the islands in Dacha bay on the right. There is a ferry at the rear of Shekou port, leaving a long white wake behind. It is getting dark. Sometimes an airplane will spark like stars, from far to near, sweeping past the sea sky with dark red clouds far away.


Spiders on lamp posts or in the shrub are very busy. My young son often likes to ask me “catch a moth” to feed the spiders. The best type of moth is the one with green and transparent wings that is not too big or too small and you throw it into the spiders’ nest. All the sudden, the spider sitting in the centre of the web leaps up at the poor moth, wraps it up and then take it to middle of the web for injection with venom and eating with satisfaction. When the termites fly, the webs of these spiders can hang with tens of winged termites, with big stomach spiders sitting beside.


Most beautiful is the scenery of Shekou on a clear night. When you approach the descent it is dark already. At night after a rain shower and it is clear, the scenery of Shekou is breath-taking. You can see the Shenzhen bay bridge with its curved line of lights, along with that shining inverted image in the water, cross the sea to the Hong Kong side. Cars lights on the roads of the Shekou area form a flowing chain of diamonds that is magnificent and brilliant. Moreover, high-rise buildings stand quietly in the night sky with its light and shadows. A myriad of twinkling lights in the scenery will calm your nerves and bring relaxation.


Most enjoyable is the good reaction of the body. My belief is that this type of relaxing speed climbing is the best aerobic exercise and practice, to improve your respiratory system and blood circulation step by step, which complies with the rules of nature. Compared with some intense exercises such as Badminton or a long run, a relaxed mountain climb will better improve your body condition without any injury or damage. As for my personal experience, I consider it to be peaceful happiness and consequently I have a better and deeper sleep, my hair grow thicker and darker and I become more and more energetic.


I have observed many mountain climbers. Some go with loud music. Some ride bikes wearing bright, tight fitting apparel, going up and down fashionably. Some run fast, sweating all over with pained expressions. I have never seen them last long since starting climbing 2 or 3 times per week from January this year. Those who walk always quietly in simple clothes can be seen almost every week.


There was old saying, “quietness leads to long distance”. Walking slowly and peacefully will overcome the tiredness of hiking and you will be happier. Frequently you stop to enjoy beautiful scenery along the walk, breathe deeply the fresh air, and look out at the sea and the starry sky. You will surely arrive where you want to go!


Thanks to my friend Gaetan Serret for his amendment





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