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Holiday arrangment for September 3rd, 2015
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Victory day holiday arrangment





This year China has a special holiday arranged on September 3, 2015.

According to the notification from China Human Resource and social security ministry, September 3rd shall be day-off due to ceremony of Winning date of Second World War. The day off arrangement shall be from September 3rd (Thursday) to September 5th (Saturday) and September 6th shall be working day (exchange from September 4th).

As per the notification, where an employer arranges its staff to work on September 3rd, a transfer rest day shall be arranged or 200% overtime salary shall be paid. Therefore, when number of normal working days is figured out, September 3rd shall be deemed as rest day. Thus the number of normal working days in September is 21. For example, where an employee works on September 3rd and he has 3 days personal leave in September, his salary in September shall be: S*(21-3)/21+S/21*200% (S is monthly salary).


This is a special arrangement for this year, not for every year. 



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