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How does our lawyer do Contract Draft?
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procedure, requirements drafting a contract.

This document describes the procedure, requirements when we help you on drafting a contract.


1.The client provide the following information by telephone, interview or in writing to the lawyer: Name of both parties, business address, contact information in bilingual; Background of this contract and our targets in this contract; Any Contents or requirements the client would like; Implementation procedure (e.g. In a sales contract, the sequence of deposit, test, check & acceptance, delivery, balance payment, penalty. The procedure should be described in a flowchart) of this contract; As per aforesaid procedure, your main concerns or estimated risk.

2.After the lawyer receive abovementioned information, the lawyer shall start to draft the contract after receives abovementioned information and shall refer to our standard contract, research latest law provision, and judicial practice. 


3.After finishes the first version of the contract, the lawyer shall meet the client, to discuss detail technical, commercial and legal issues in the contract, so as to decide all amendments.   


4.After several rounds amendments, the final version of the contract is finished.

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